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Video blog: Air VS Rail: video battle

We've found for you two interesting live entertainment cases for railway brand and for airlines. Who's better? 


– Design and orchestrate the commissioning of the l’Européenne.

– Create an event for TGV customers, elected officials, the press etc. - under the theme of friendliness, dedicated to the launch of the line.

– Showcase the highlights of the entertainment business but also tourism and the arts around the towns served by the new lines.

– Show a SNCF that is closer to its clients - caring, attentive, innovative, inclusive and unifying.

– Form the pedagogy around TGV and its economic and social development.

– Highlight and promote the territories crossed.

– Embody the values important to the SNCF brand - user-friendliness and positive energy.

– Make all of the target groups enthusiastic and proud to be part of this launch.

– Create a link and an emotion.


Creation of a "European Village" in Strasbourg to show that – indeed - "high speed trains bring you closer to Europe".

Implementation of this concept through several villages with one nerve center for meetings, sharing of knowledge etc.

There were several key blocks for the whole campaign:

– Animations at the train station, on board trains and on the Square in front of the Strasbourg train station.

– An open stage for local talent

– 9 tents representing  regions served by the new lines.

– Culinary, cultural, tourist and artistic activities connected to these regions.


An attendance of approximately 4,300 people throughout the day and at the stands of various animations.


British Airways - Bringing Britain Closer immersive projections from Giggle on Vimeo.


British Airways and Chase Bank had teamed up with Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge to create a British menu to “Bring Britain Closer” to the USA. The Giggle Group was charged with creating an immersive dining experience to bring the sights and sounds of the areas of Britain that each course was from.
Capturing the footage.


Designer and animator Duncan Worrall ventured out of the cozy confines of the studio. He travelled far and wide to Bristol, Devon and er, Brighton. Taking multiple photos of the scenes, he then also filmed from the same viewpoint. This enabled him to create an high resolution image while compositing elements of motion to create a cinegraph. The Giggle Group used this technique to show Brighton Beach for chocolate pebbles; a Cotswolds village for gala pie; a Cornish harbour for white bait; and a kitchen garden for Parsley Soup, a country house drawing room for pudding, the dark caves of Cheddar Gorge for the cheese course etc.

To project this immersive environment onto the walls The Giggle Group actually built 4 new walls at Highline Studios in Greenwich Village which was the venue. 


Grappling with broken frames and inserting last minute ghosts The Giggle Group ate it's way through 5 days of production. But it wasn't in vain. They managed to delight the audience, indeed.


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