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Jennie Arvenäs: Small events become more popular

Jennie Arvenäs is a creative leader with 18 years in the advertising industry, has worked with such agencies as legendary Farfar, DDB and B-reel, ABSOLUT. Now handling new challenges on the client side as the Creative Lead at TELE2. So how's that - working for both sides? And what's new at Sweden event market.


- For a long time you worked in the agencies, and now you work on the client side. What are the main differences?

The big difference is that you can be a part of the actual brief, decide what needs to be done. You can also work more crossfunctional with different teams, UX, innovations, insights etc.

- Tell us how the past experience helps in the current work? Is it easier for you to find a common language with agencies due to past experience? Do you see any mistakes in the work of agencies due to past experience?

I can understand the both side when working on the inside and that’s a big benefit, I can also make sure we deliver the right brief to the agency. We can also challenge the agency a lot more when we own our own creativity. The agencies often miss to flash out the whole consumer journey to ensure that the creative idea actually sell in the end. 

- How has the Swedish event market changed in recent years? What types of events have become more popular? What are the customers (brands) most interested in?

Regional and small events which are relevant for the consumer are getting more popular. Interactive events where you use different types of technique. Also events that have some political angle like gender equality and the environment is getting more and more attention.

- As from the customer's perspective how do you evaluate agencies and what are the requirements to them? Do you often refuse to use agencies' help and decide to make events yourself?

We measure the project and give them feedback.  Both when it comes to the outcome of the event and also when it comes to the collaboration.  The way we do it depends of the type of event. We often do the events by ourselves, especially when we have limited amount of time and money.

- What were the most interesting recent projects?

We did a student-tour around Sweden for Comviq last spring. We used a small caravan stuffed with goodies on different campus in Sweden together with influencers and SoMe. The event was fun and engaging!

For Christmas we invented a new product. "This year’s Christmas-gift - your old phone". This product built awareness of Tele2 during Christmas and made people come to the stores with their old phones. The campaign was a huge success! We both increased sales and built Tele2 as a brand.

- What makes you loyal to BFEF and Baltic Events Awards? Why did you accept the invitation to become a member of Jury? And why do you think it may be interesting for event profs to participate in the Awards & BFEF?

I think it’s very developing to be a part of the BFEF and meet all the fantastic people that are also a part of the organization. People gladly share their experience and knowledge and that’s so inspiring! So I'm very grateful for this oppurtunity!



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