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EventHorizon 2018 wins 3 prizes at BEA World Awards.

EventHorizon 2018 was honoured with three awards for innovative and interactive
highlights. Gold, Silver and Bronze of the most important award in the business have
been given to EventHorizon 2018 last week in Coimbra, Portugal. The unique
personalized use of the newest event-technologies have been the decisive factor to
the committee.

EventHorizon 2018 - the second edition of the world’s biggest and most important
blockchain-energy conference stoked not only the audience but also the panel of experts at
the „event-oscars“ BEA World Award. In April 2018, participants from more than 50 countries
travelled to Berlin to accelerate the decentralization of the energy market.
Aside from the interesting program of lectures, the event stunned with sophisticated
interactive experiences which elevated every single visitor into the center of the event. This
effort was now awarded at the biggest international event of the industry, the BEA World
Award in Portugal. Gold at the „BEA World Press Award“, Silver for „Use of Technology“ and
Bronze for „Best Conference“.


Newest Technologies for a decentralized event experience
The jury especially underlined the constructive use of newest technologies such as
augmented reality. Kerstin Meisner, President of the Press Jury honoured the “preview of the
future“ which the event offered as well as the “purposeful use of technologies to enable
personal experiences and actually generated added value”. The decentralized character of
the blockchain world was implemented in every aspect of the event.
The motto „Flip the switch and turn on the power of tomorrow. Today!“ lead through the
entire conference.

Storytelling in all ranks
Via NFC-Badges an interaction of all participants and visitors was established, the basis was
a massive amount of data. This data was collected online before the event as well as live at
the conference itself. Badges and the „Navigator“ helped gathering this information.
The personalized Navigator was a communication tool not only enabling visitors to interact
with the stage and speakers, but building the central interface between all participants and
guiding them through all experiences. As the tool was completely web-based and no
app-download was required, the usage was raised to almost 100%.
At the entrance a welcome screen surprised each visitor with a personalized message in
their first language, as well as a news ticker with information relating to each visitor present
i.e - average travel time to get to the event. To take a break, the „mood room“ offered an
individualised relax area, adapted to personal preferences.
A „networking wall“ screened fun-facts and match-factors based on commonalities of
Another highlight was a social-media-videobox, as well as pictures taken by the event
photographer which were instantly available in the navigator to be shared.
All data was collected in the „EventHorizon Times“ - a virtual newspaper with articles entirely
made of live-data and personalized information, shown on screens.
Even the signposts were re-invented - equipped with augmented reality-codes they lead
visitors well-timed through the location.

State-of-the-art staging
The conference topic - blockchain and energy - was integrated in every single detail, the
exhibition area for example, where „Light-Cubes“ replaced the classic booths. These cubes
were custom-made LED constructions designed to fit the blockchain theme.
The unique charm of the location Kraftwerk Berlin was set into scene by a 720 degree
projection screen supported by 12 projectors which dominated the main floor of the event.
The round and rotating centerstage below with sitting areas on four sides gave visitors an
arena feeling.
The enormous size of the location allowed unique light installations - more than 500
spotlights were adjusted and showed modern light engineering like light grids or ambient
show effects. Projections and spotlights alone required more than 400 metres of trussing
and 5500 working hours.
The emotional highlight to end the conference was a multimedia show with complex video
installations and international top artists.

Success confirms the innovative concept
The event’s success can be shown in numbers: 100% usage of the navigator, 75 millions
generated in funding and a comprising collection of data that shall push the development in
the blockchain field forward. Concordant, positive feedback from participants and visitors as
well as the BEA World Award prizes confirm a successful realization.

Elaborate planning
The event, founded by Ewald Hesse, Co-Founder and CEO of GridSingularity was planned
and organized in Vienna. Less than a year of planning and a team of around 300 people
made this outcome possible. The centrally involved companies aside the award winning
agencies and persons Stefanie Grьndl (HIVEwise, project lead and concept) and Media
Apparat (technical concept, event-design, show-concept and content production) were
Habegger Austria in cooperation with satis&fy Berlin (technical implementation), Flave
(experience concept and entry management), Cinewolf (co-creation and direction), Hedi
Breit (production), Up-Store Upcycling & more (decoration), LIVE Lasersystems (laser) and
many more.

The planning process for next year’s Event Horizon (June 19.-20., 2019) in Kraftwerk Berlin
has already started - many more innovations are to be expected.

Event Horizon 2018 - BEA from Media Apparat on Vimeo.



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