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Event Futurism at BFEF 2019


April 24 -25, 2019



► The event industry is aimed at implementing a new, rational and beautiful world.

► An event is an optimistic view of the future, a promise of comfort and well-being. An event is a rational device of life. The most important weapon of the event is the synthesis of the largest conquests of modern science, art, and production.

► An event is a unity that arises contrary to those political, social and psychological realities that threaten modern society, such as anxiety, insecurity, and ideas of delimitation and domination.

► An event is calculation and inspiration, experience and discovery, a strong program and a bright fantasy. This creativity combined with business is a breakthrough.

Our experience of recent years convinces us that the international intellectual elite are committed to creating powerful corporate meetings. The number of participants in the Baltic For Events Forum is actively growing. The Baltic Sea Region consists of an advanced, thinking, active community, ready to live and work in a common information space on the principles of interchange and wide collaboration.

The marketing strategy of the European Union, the geography of the region that unites original cultures around the Baltic Sea, and its location within the community are all strong and objective prerequisites for the powerful rise of events in northeastern Europe.


► The ultimate goal of the forum is to create a compass that can tell directions and get directions. The forum provides an ideological strategy, as well as the living formation of connections, contacts, and channels required for complex inter-sectoral cooperation of the international event industry.

► The objective of the forum is to provide a large network of agencies the opportunity to develop activities in a wide business and intellectual field. Furthermore, the Baltic For Events Forum declassifies the theory and practice of market leaders who strive for continuous expansion of their spectrum of customers and contractors, and for developing new territory.


In the context of the formation of the current market of ideas that meet the powerful pressure of technocracy, it is important not to lose the increasingly fragile human factor. Therefore, today, more than ever, consolidation is required to create an understanding for everyone of event structures, including different types of events, modern methodologies, and the latest principles of business organization.


The BALTIC EVENT FORUM is a real opportunity to determine your position, get support, and show the world what your modern event is.


DAY ONE: Sources of inspiration: Workshops and Live Cases.

Our first day is dedicated to the philosophy and purpose of the event. The strongest representatives of industries from Germany, Norway, the USA, and Sweden will perform before the audience in order to formulate the main issues: the purpose of the industry, it ethics, its global messages, event philosophy, and the goals and means necessary to achieve results.


DAY TWO: Baltic Event Awards.

The second day of the forum is dedicated to the Showcase. Here all countries have a chance to speak to a qualified jury. More than 5 global event directors and 15 regional corporate customers will listen to the 45 strongest projects in the Baltic Sea region.

These awards are the only platform with a wide demonstration of practical cases in 15 different nominations.


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