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VOK DAMS has joint BEIC

VOK DAMS, one of the leading agencies in Germany, has joint Baltic Event Industry Club 

Here is the special interview with Colja Dams, CEO at VOK DAMS.


Why do you think the initiative to create strong communication within the Baltic Sea Region is important?

​Well, for one, I am convinced that the Baltic Sea Region is the upcoming region for the European special event / live communication business. I am sure we can further expect high growth rates here. The Baltic Sea Region is certainly a very attractive destination and location for events. However, I was struck by the special start-up-spirit, the entrepreneurship, the spirit of industriousness, of openness and curiosity. So I see it as a wonderful “breeding ground”, so to speak, of future talent and experienced “hybrid event” managers, who combine the digital with the live experience. And I am very excited to help boost this immense potential. 


What are your expectations regarding BEIC?

​Well, firstly I think it is vital that we join forces to position the the Baltic Sea Region in the global live communication industry. As a region with lots of prospective locations and venues, but also as an up-and-coming market. And secondly, I especially look forward to meeting new talents and interested, interesting and inspiring people. People who want to create new ventures, who want to build businesses around communication, whether they are planning to or already in the midst of establishing start-ups. I am very much looking forward to finding new talents here and establishing contacts in the region. Particularly from the digital or live industry, as I was impressed with the expertise and drive I encountered here. So I also hope to establish contacts with people who are interested in building business connections and who would like to work internationally. 

​Do you believe the live communication industry should go global? How do you see it in your business?

​Well, the world is a global world – there is no stepping back from that. And as such markets and brands are global. So for me there is no other answer but yes, of course. The live communications industry has to become and remain global in order to succeed.  And that’s what we have been experiencing in our business for the past 20 or so years. There is no turning back the clock – we are growing together in a global world. 

What have you learned from Baltic For Events Forum and what do you hope to see next time?

​I was absolutely fascinated by the many dedicated, remarkable people I met. From experienced designers to young people who were just starting to test the water with their own ideas in the business. And that’s exactly what I hope to continue to see a lot of: this special entrepreneurial, pioneering spirit that for me seemed to characterize the Baltic For Events Forum. People who like to think out-of-the-box, who have interesting and inspirational ideas, are, after all, what drives our business. So I hope to see (and meet) a lot of them in the future. 


As a BEIC member what are your main goals to develop the industry?

​My main goal is to keep the global perspective: to bring together the live communication industry globally. And to keep the inspirational spirit up and flying.



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