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Events bring a pinch of magic to life – don’t break the spell


Creating an atmosphere that allows people to let go of their everyday concerns and routines is something that should feel effortless for the event guests, but takes a lot of effort from the organizer.



Security is a strong factor when it comes to making the event an enjoyable and memorable experience for your guests. Even the finest performances and all the carefully planned details are wasted, if people feel unsafe and are unable to focus on the main purpose of the event. Here are 5+1 tips to create that magically effortless atmosphere to your event:




  1. Location, location, location
    Make sure the location fits your event. Pay attention to traffic, passages, transportation, parking space etc. Make sure there is enough room for smooth commute – and for evacuation in worst case scenarios. Best locations are booked for years to come, so make sure you are on time when booking the venue.


  1. Evaluate and plan
    Now that you have booked your venue well in advance, you have plenty of time to make a proper risk evaluation and action plan. Remember you also need to reserve time to apply permissions you need from authorities. Since you are in good schedule, you will have the luxury of choosing the best security staff for your event – not just the ones that happen to be available for last minute order.


  1. Build security culture
    No matter how much security staff you have in your event, don’t ignore the importance of making the entire staff aware of security risks and safety procedures. Awareness and vigilance are the best ways to prevent the realization of risks. The more focused your staff is, the better chance you have to prevent risks or at least minimize damages.


  1. Seen or unseen  - the fine line between feeling stalked or cared for
    In some events it is important that security is visible, but sometimes people may be distracted if security is too visible. Incorrectly selected and instructed security service may make your guests feel stalked, patronized or even threatened instead of being looked after and cared for. You need to understand your audience and make sure you provide adequate guidance for the security service provider about the nature of your event and how you wish them serve your guests and take care of incidents. Security staff is usually the first encounter for event guests – it is important that they understand how to support the brand of your event.
  2. Communication
    Make sure your staff knows what, where, when and who. Also make sure they have communication technology that works and they are able to communicate with each other from the distance.


Bonus tip: Do the aftermath
Make sure you write down all the obstacles, problems and development ideas you encounter during the event (yes, you will face some, no matter how well you are prepared). Figure out how to prevent or develop these next time. Do the preliminary plan for the next event right after the one you just had, while you still have everything fresh in your mind. Remember to give constructive feedback to the staff. I know people in security business love feedback they can learn from.  Our job is to help you to create a successful event.




Juho-Pekka Syrjälä is a service supervisor at AVARN Security with a strong experience in planning and organizing security services for event organizers.




*Juho-Pekka Syrjälä will be on Live Experience stage at Meetings & Events in Helsinki on September 4th. Read more and sign up for the event for free: www.easyfairs.com/meetings


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