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Event marketing in Baltic region

Event marketing in Baltic region.

Interview with Remigijus Kalpokas, owner of Baltic event marketing agency Partizanas



Couple of years ago biggest news was announced in the conferences and products presented directly to consumer. But today the significance of online communication is clearly evident and most brand news reaches us thru online/ social media. Do you think that live event as communication channel is still important for brand communication?

For me event stands as the content for experiential marketing. Online communication just strengthens the message and helps to promote the event it self. Let's look into the key cinema, music & tech festivals and conferences in Baltics - these events usually become key online news in our feeds.

Every person is a living being who wants to be among like-minded people, who want to belong to a group. Technology and online media saves us time and in this way gives us an opportunity to experience everything - not only to read in a colorful news feed.


How event market is changing in Baltics?

Events are booming every year - I can't event count how many do we have every year. And there is loads of communication about them. But the effect is quite opposite - we got so used to constant action, that we don't even notice how events comes and goes. I remember when I used to wait for specific event for more than a year and now I sometimes even forget to buy tickets to the ones I was planning to go. And I am not worried at all - there will be next event happening in a month or I will be able to go to the same event in Riga or Warsaw (in worst case scenario to watch it's broadcast online).

For us, event organizers, this creates a huge challenge - how to communicate and what to offer in the event to attract the audience. And then we finally get audience interest we have to make to create the best experience in the event - starting with amazing technologies and activations and finishing with the simple queue management.


For all clients who stand behind the event one of the most important things are sales. How to use the event as a channel for that?

I believe that every event can become your sales point. Until there are people in it.

To make the sales and advertisement in the event successful our job is to incorporate sales points and marketing activations organically. It has to become the part of the event and not to stand out as some alien.


What are the key marketing event success factors?

When we talk about marketing event we have to remember to be consistent.  Brand, product, audience, event content and communication have to be in-line. We have to always balance on the line between popular content and consistency. On one side having content which goes together with a brand and on the other side that is interesting for the audience. I would say this is the biggest challenge we face.


What is the future of marketing events?

I am sure that we are moving towards experiential economy – concept introduced by writers Joseph Pine and James Gilmore . Brands will have 360 communication and off-line content will as important as on-line. I see the brand communication and sales becoming even bigger part of the events. We already do see this trend in categories which advertising is limited - tobacco, alcohol, - as well premium and fashion brands.


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