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Darius Lomsargis: Make them play together

Managing director at ŪPAS Events in partnership with Catalyst Baltic presents a smart new format for corporate events called Orchestrate.



New format

It’s been long time since we all first heard about teambuilding corporate events and their multiply values for any progressive company.  But now almost decades past – and we all need something really revolutionary to freshen, to brush up corporate culture. That’s why event professionals try to find new solutions, try to invent some formats which can surprise anyone in our business. We think how we can develop some old cases in order to bring modern values. And even in our night dreams we are seeking for innovative projects. Like this one…

The idea

I would like to speak about one particular concept, which was once invented and then developed for a few companies and then for some new clients in a different ways. This project or service, as you like, is called “Orchestrate”. It’s a corporate team building, where people – top management and employees – are playing as in real orchestra: violins, violas, cellos, trombones, clarinets, percussion... We’ve chosen two pieces from “Carmina Burana” cantata by Carl Orff which we had revised especially for our activity. Carl Orff just didn’t composed it for team building, you know )) So we prepared special music sheets for our type of orchestra which just starts to learn this difficult science of playing instruments and making magic together.

The main idea of this team building is that people are divided into 6 groups (by instruments) and they are learning to play these instruments in different game activities. So the process is not like rigorous seminars and exams. It’s fun. And at the same time it’s a new experience, which shows them how much they can achieve even after some hours of practice. It may take 1 hour or 2 hours (not more) till our participants begin to feel that they are able to play few notes, really play – even if they see their instrument for the first time in their lives. Of course, in  every group there is a tutor – the professional musician and a coach at the same time – who leads this exciting game of learning. And he is the person who makes the best of all the participants. And then we gather groups all together in the main conference room, where they do the main rehearsal and – finally - play a final concert.

The benefits

The main achievement of this new format is a real show made by colleagues. But, of course, there are many more outcomes. First of all, the experience of unique, never done before teamwork all together. After the event the employees don’t just “know” they are a team, but they do feel what they are. They did a huge work where each particular skill is essential for their common magic. And even more: during that project people find out that they can do even those things which seem impossible. It’s been just two hours. But they have learnt quite good, and they’ve become good at their work with instruments, they’ve reached their personal purpose, and that led to making some wonderful music. It means they are able to be the part of something really big and significant. That’s why any client may use this new format in cases when his company is on the verge of accomplishment.

One more big thing about Orchestrate is that it’s a solution which might be relevant to any company with different goals. You can celebrate a corporate anniversary in such extravagant way – with your own instrumental show. And “Orchestrate” will be just a part of cultural program with teambuilding elements. Or you want to reach some business goals – to see hidden talents and leaders among your colleagues, for example. Or you plan to expand to different market and need your staff to feel themselves real superheroes who can overcome anything. In any case “Orchestrate” can solve your problem. And it doesn’t matter if your company is big or not, what sphere of business you work hard for, how many participants will visit your event. “Orchestrate” is for everyone.

The cases

We organized 25 years anniversary for engineering and building company “Litana” based in Lithuanian with offices in Russia, Norway, Sweden, France and other countries. So they wanted to held a conference at the beginning of the day, but were interested in bright and vivid final of the day for approximately 70 . Our “Orchestrate” fitted them perfectly.

Another example - Christmas party for Lithuania based lasers production company Light Conversion (UAB MGF "Šviesos konversija"). And the main idea also was “Orchestrate”, but with another accents. All 140 guests were festively dressed in tuxedos and evening dress, so that was a real gala in opera or something like that. And the orchestra played the final concert for their spouses, I mean wives and husbands (who had some interesting activities during rehearsals of newborn musicians). So that’s how we’ve made a family event with help of “Orchestrate”.

And one more case: our very first “Orchestrate” made in Lithuania for telecommunication company “Telia”. Our show was kind of final conclusion of 2 days conference which topic was “Daring”. It is always a little bit frightfully and really difficult to start something new, something huge. You need to dare to do it, to enter terra incognita. You have to risk, to venture. And you need to be inspired. That’s why “Orchestrate” was a perfect solution. It is a very good example of how we can dare to do something which might be impossible. At least 95% of quests didn’t play any musical instruments in their lives, and they were given real violins, real violas, real cellos. Can you imagine their first thoughts? But you start to play. And you understand your power. And your value. And your usefulness. And this special feeling of being a part of something bigger. And you do become a superhero.

Fourth version of “Orchestrate” was a team building for all Europe sales managers of “Western Union”. They had their annual meeting and afterwards they have played together “Carmina Burana”. This case is interesting in particular because we gathered some very different people from very different countries who still had to work for one company and for one goal. And “Orchestrate” helped once again. It was a good example, that even unfamiliar people from different cultures can feel unity and be much closed than they may think. HR manager of “Western Union” Lithuania told me after event that there was the only word she heard from everyone: “Excitement”. After this team building people always feel excitement. First of all, because they’ve tried something new, which is not usual. Another thing is that they have done it together. Stepping through some barriers, through some obstacles. Making something really impossible.

That’s “Orchestrate”. A powerful and emotional musical experience which demonstrates that through teamwork  the unreal is achievable. A sensational, life-changing format that transforms your delegates and unites them as never before. A demanding exercise that challenges your team members to unlock their potential and move forward as fast as possible by hard working and absolute commitment.