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Maciej Ledzion: inspiration and digitalization

Maciej Ledzion, co-founder of Endorfina Events, alks about digitalization, inspiration and upcoming changes at Polish market and in the whole event industry.



- Poland is a very good hub for the Baltic sea region. Some kind of bridge between Lithuania and all the countries farther up north. Here I can see some lack of international communication. For example, we in Endorfina Events operate in Czech Republic, in Romania, in Bulgaria, in Greece sometimes, we are lucky to work all over the world for the clients like H&M or Facebook. And for me this is the the biggest change  in our industry (and I also mentioned it on the BFEF 2018 stage) -  we're going to different countries to to gain a new clients and new experiences.

- What other big changes do you see at Polish market and in event industry in general?

- Another biggest change right now among the top even management companies in Poland is going from just a service company to some kind of consulting company. Now we are not just basically creating events to the clients, but we teach them how to communicate with their audience (if there is a lack of communication or any other problem). I think that what is actually happening - is that we're not longer the executors. We became the Advisors!

- What can you say about digitalization of events in Poland?

- This is actually a very close topic to to me because last year we merged our company with another company which is 100% digital. This digital marketing agency helps us first of all in cross-selling, of course, but secondly now we can produce more and more events which need not only the event part but also the communication part in terms of the digital. And in my opinion this is a great tool to connect these things. These are the two businesses that are the most complimentary at the moment.

- Where do you get inspiration?

- I go to the conferences like BFEF)) First of all I always look for the inspiration at such meetings. To be honest, I don't quite often visit conferences in Poland because there is nothing which can actually surprise me. But every time I go to big ones like BEA or Viva technology in Paris or other huge events all around Europe I wish I can get some inspiration and some new contacts, of course))

- Why did you come to BFEF then?

- One reason we came here actually was to represent the Polish market because it's the first time when our country participated in this event (what a shame!) and on the other side we are extremely happy that we can show collegues in Baltic region our point of view on our common event industry.


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