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Dagmara Chmielewska: Combining Western and Eastern trends

Dagmara Chmielewska - Managing Director of SBE, expert and advisor in the field of the event and Public Relation, with 20 years of work experience in Poland and Great Britain.

Her event passions are mainly the promotion of Poland on the international arena. For the flagship project, which is the Air Chessboard, a symbol of Polish-British friendship, she received thanks from the Queen of England, Elisabeth II. Dagmara was honored with the title of the Man of Success of Warmia and Masuria 2016 awarded by the magazine "Personalities and Successes". For 8 years she ran Hurricane of Hearts in London and managed a team of 300 people, organizing the most famous Polish projects (concerts, seminars, socio-charity events, balls and sports).

She lectured about events at the University of Oxford, the University of Greenwich, Imperial College London and University City London. She also collaborated with Wembley Stadium, the Football Association, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, the Polish Olympic Committee, and the Center for International Relations.

Her original actions were widely commented on in the BBC, ITV, The Daily Mail, Metro and in all media in Poland.

We've decided to ask her about Polish event market specifics and personal views on cooperation in event sphere.



- Where, in your opinion the event market is currently taking place? What are the main trends and forecasts? How do you see events and communication campaigns in the future?

The past 10 years have shown that the meeting industry market is developing strongly throughout Europe. The possibility of traveling, exchanging services and openness to cooperation shows that the term "event" has become extremely common and universal. Trends in the "world of events" are primarily aimed at the path of education and the exchange of international experiences. Trainings, courses and conferences have become common, which makes event managers more aware of their work. This is definitely a good direction of development. However, it is important to me that apart from the much needed education and knowledge, creativity (stage solutions, event scentography or TV production) does not disappear, which is paradoxically larger in the countries of Eastern Europe. It is worth combining the Western developed materials of event standards with the ingenuity of event managers from the Eastern Europe.


- Is the Polish event market different from the European market? What are the peculiarities?

Poland is quite a specific event market. In spite of the still lacking wide university education, courses, multi-day training are developing in this area. The literature is still reprinted from English. However, dynamic development of literature and industry media has been noticed in recent years. The professionalism of event agencies, PR agencies and corporate marketing departments is on a high level. Creativity in building marketing plans is excellent. The companies are involved in the promotion of brands through events which is why we have many CSR activities. Event marketing in Poland has become an important part of the communication strategy in the company-client. Thanks to this, it is possible to directly contact the customer with a product or service, thats why we put a very big accent on the quality of services offered in the field of event-marketing. What distinguishes us is creativity, professional approach to the customer and certainly price.


Which agencies can you name particularly - as leaders and the most creative source in the industry?

Among the Polish leaders of event agencies, Mea Group is a definite leader. I can also distinguish Power Agency- incentive travel and sport events. Technology companies such as BRill and Technostage occupy an important place in the event industry. Among the furniture leaders, definitely Rent Design, Colors of Design and Event Wide. Caterring is definitely best to order at Mazurkas Caterring or Accata Cattering.


- What is the place of social events in the event industry? Do you think that this segment must become more meaningful and huge?

Public events are very important in Poland. That often shape our culture, identity and integrity of the environment with business and the development of event marketing. Thanks to the social event - town festivals, sports marathons, city concerts, we are able to build event standards and infect a larger number of people about the event industry. It creates the need to build high standards and the need to develop event education and make companies and agencies from the industry wind up.


Can you give examples of your latest events and campaigns and highlight their results and effectiveness?

I specialize in organizing events promoting my country on the international arena. Including charity and sports concerts.

The most important event for me is the promotion of the aviation chessboard from the period 1921-1993 - characteristic for Polish airmen fighting in the Battle of Britain.

The results are 150,000 chessboard stickers that go to the royal family in England, Polish and British parliamentarians, leading artists, athletes and public figures. The effects are viral creation of events promoting Poland on the international arena, integrity of the Polish environment around history, building a positive marketing message of our country.

The event combines event marketing, CSR, history, a huge number of public figures and a wide public relation.


- Why do you think that the event managers must cooperate in various events and associations?

Cooperation at various events and integration in various associations gives a lot of experience, kills boredom and builds human capital. Event Manager is a person who needs constant development. The association gives these opportunities and is an integral part of our work.


And last but not least question : What do you expect from the Baltic For Events Forum?

First of all  I expect to build relationships with event management experts from all over the Europe. Live contact and direct communication are the most important. Everything what I am reading and learning now from the press will finally be handed over in person

I believe that will also be the opportunity for the Polish investors market and the event become a source of information for all who want to cooperate with Polish companies.