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Quick Poll: Dace Ozola, Meduza Agency

Agency MEDUZA (TM) for already 17 years has served as a shield and defender of our Client success within Corporate Event field. Our main Clients are SEB, Moller Group, ERGO, Swedbank, LMT, Tele2 and many more. Working in the Baltics MEDUZA has executed about 700 different projects. In this business segment Experience is the key, believes Dace Ozola! And what can she say about her own personality?

Do you classify yourself as a person of practice or theory?

I would say that both plus the third element - intuition. I have studied Illiberal Arts and Business Management theories, been a professional dancer for 16 years, been working in State owned company, Advertising agency, and entrepreneur for 17 years. If I would sum up all experiences – practice would win for sure, theory would be the second. And Intuition – my guess – from the very beginning. Somehow thanks to my crazy decisions at the time what had no rational explanation, have led me here – where I am and very happy with my life. 


If you had a genie, what would your three wishes be?

Well – I think I am a Genie in many ways. Most of the wishes regarding my life I have fulfilled. The question is were they good or bad? With some I hurt myself and with some I was super happy, but the main thing is experience. And I truly believe that we have to be very careful with what we wish for. 

In business too I believe in practical magic called Entertainment. I LOVE to fulfill wishes of the ones that I love and my Clients too. In my Facebook profile (when I had to write something on my Wall) I wrote – “If I could leave this place a little better, it will be a time well spent ... I’ll do my best and more”. Sounds so simple, but on the much bigger perspective – we are just dust in the wind. I truly believe that one’s main purpose of existence is to be happy no matter what and the magic to do so it lies in our own hands...


What is an area of your life in which you lack courage?

Selling my services :) For sure! I am great advocate for the needs of my Friends and Clients, but I suck at selling or advertising myself. My business for all these years has been based on recommendations only. Since I started by accident 17 years ago, it has been about 700 events not only in Latvia, but in Baltics too.


If you imagine that an event is an ensemble, what instrument are you playing?

Many times in my life I have been called a one-man orchestra because of many things that I can do just by myself. I know that this is not the best practice. But as in life, as well in business you have to go through many different stages – one instrument, all instruments, conductor and now I would like to think of myself as a first violin that conducts orchestra too. And I just realized that you were asking about ensemble, but in my head I saw orchestra.


If you could be invisible, where would you go?

Believe me that I can easily become invisible ... all these years in event business I have practiced it being behind the scenes, camera, curtains, FOH, backstage and leaving the Client to be the central element in the spotlight. I have been on the stage and in the spot lights as a dancer for many years and for one single moment I understood that I want to be invisible and be as a director and creator behind the camera. And the best place that I feel in is backstage, where in my opinion every event or production starts and ends.


What is the best, most valuable advice you have been given?

Have been blessed with many gurus on my way – many important people who have shared their life values with me. One of the main advice I try to live my life is from my dad who told me few simple things – not to lie, as lies will always catch up on you, as well as miser pays double and the lazy does things twice. The last ones are especially important in my business that I try to explain to my clients – event is like a living thing and once it is done, you cannot undo it. Thus it is so important to remember this in all decision making process to create the best you can every single time.



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