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Event Infographics: Chatter

From concerts to comic cons, consumer events have never been more popular. But popularity isn’t just in-person and lives online just as much as onsite. Twitter, for instance, is chalk full of fans and attendees tweeting and retweeting about their live experiences.

Understanding this ongoing conversation is crucial to your social strategy and a vital component of your marketing plan. For example, one tweet is worth 34 event page views and $6.29 in ticket sales food events. In other words, social media drives buzz, and the bottom line.

But what motivates an attendee to share their experience through tweets, posts and updates.

To find out, Eventbrite partnered with Mashwork to analyze online convos from 60 of the past year’s most popular events. We looked at keywords, handles, and hashtags across all event types and learned what, exactly, makes attendees want to press “post”.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fans love to promote! A solid 11% of conversation is made up of individuals expressing anticipation for the event, and another 10% is outright ticket promotion. How can you take advantage of this chatter to boost ticket sales?
  • Attendees tend to post during festivities. Festival and consumer event attendees are extremely active on Twitter during the event — more so than attendees of any other type of event. 48% of conversation occurs during the event, and a remarkable 85% of these posts include pictures. What can you do to make your event Instagram-worthy?
  • Post-event posts are extremely positive. The conversation is nearly twice as positive after an event has happened. How can you turn these positive vibes into promotional gold?

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