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Quick Poll: Patrick Walldén , Sweden

Patrick (Johansson) Walldén, Senior Partner / Client Service Director at award-winning agency specialised on corporate events Occasion Brand Experience (Stockholm, Sweden) wanted to become veterinarian. If this could come true, the global event market would loose a lot. Now he is leading a company that won the award Event Agency of the Year two consectutive years. It is recognition of Occasion's aim to always deliver beyond expectation and create measurable success for clients by strategically aligning messages and content with business goals.


Do you classify yourself as a person of practice or theory?
Well. From one hand, I’ve always been a very practical person, but from the other hand, I just can’t imagine how practice and theory can be separated. First of all you need to know your business from A to Z in general. But when it comes to any particular case – then you begin to build a brand new story based on clients’ needs, main idea and your practical knowledge, of course. So it will be both.

If you had a genie, what would your three wishes be?
1)    Stop global warming
2)    Clean the oceans and… 
3)    10 more wishes))

What is an area of your life in which you lack courage?
I am afraid of heights. I think we all sometimes have such a moments when you need a pause to think about what’s going on. Sometimes we all begin to doubt and hesitate. But I’m a lucky person. Heaven has sent me my wife. She is not afraid of anything and always cheers and encourages me. 

What childhood dreams have you brought into your life?
Honestly, growing up on a farm, I wanted to be a veterinary, when I was a child. And I failed, as you can see. Then as a teenager I wanted to become a journalist. And the main idea was that I wanted to work globally, to meet interesting people and tell the stories. So that’s why I think that my wish came true, because I do really work all over the world and meet interesting people every day and tell stories while making events.  

If you imagine that an event is an ensemble, what instrument are you playing?
Conductor obviously))

If you could be invisible, where would you go?
I would fly to North Korea to destroy their nuclear electronic button))

If you could have a supernatural ability, what would it be?
Immortality, I suppose. But I like also the idea of Superman or Hulk, when you are a normal person living his normal life and you use your powers only in critical situations to solve problems. I like this type of heroes. Not Spiderman, you know. Just don’t want to be bitten by the spider))

What is your temperament type?
Actually I’m much stronger than people usually think. And not always so nice as I appear to be in my business communications. Sometimes I’m really hard to live with in my private life. Sports (mostly racketsports) help me deal with strong emotions, I often splash out discontent and anger while playing.

What is the best, most valuable advice you have been given?
My parents learned me to treat and respect all people as equals and to think good about people until they prove the oppositeю. Because of them I respect all the people now. I try to listen and to understand any point of view. Anyone can bring up a good idea. And I always believe in good till the end.

Which website do you open very first thing in the morning?
LinkedIn or Facebook.

What are the main changes that have occurred in the views about the industry over the past 5 years?
1)    The world became more digital. And I think that in this digital world the value of physical communication began to grow. Like what’s Tinder without real meeting?)) So events now must combine digitalization trend and a real offline communication. Of course, we need to use digital channels to reach the audience, but we must give people a chance to meet, to speak to each other, to fell the common emotions, to have some joint experience together. 
2)    And the second trend goes hand in hand with the first one. In digital world we never have time to interact. It’s the illusion of interaction. And during events people communicate much more. So the interacting at the events, activities that engage guests and make them feel the part of one action – is a must now. 

Why is it important for you to be at the Baltic For Events?
All event profs have very intense lives. Sometimes we need a break. And the best one is such forums for professionals where we can listen to best practices and find new connections to develop our network. It’s a mix of inspiration and knowledge. And BFEF is a special one because it’s devoted to Baltic market. I like Nordic marketing culture and I’m glad that we have a special meeting for it.

What you will talk about and why?
How digital world needs physical appearance. How event platforms can be used for business. How to create such a platform and how to transfer it into connections. I’ll show you some cases (thanks to 20 years of experience in event industry, I have many of them – also at Nordic market). We’ll speak about brand experience in a larger context: we’ll see what cases we may use from hotels, museums, parks, leisure markets, sport events. We’ll touch on consumers experience – driving factors for any purchase. I believe that our world now is a world of experience. We don’t share news anymore, we don’t , we share our experiences, because they show everybody how you appear in your life. So we’ll talk how we can use it in events. 


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