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Heli Sepping, Microsoft, Baltics

Heli Sepping, Marketing and Communication Manager at Microsoft, Baltics, is a master in marketing communications planning and strategy, in organizing integrated marketing campaigns and commercial events and, of course, in answering our questions to BFEF2018 speakers.



Do you classify yourself as a person of practice or theory?

Both, I believe practice and theory (life-long learning) go hand in hand, one supplements the other. Practice helps to become a master in what you do, but theory helps to expand and explore the new ways to do things and eventually grow. But theory must be tested against practice – therefore, in a way it is a similar question like “Who came first egg or chicken?”.

What childhood dreams have you brought into your life?

When I was a child I dreamt about living in London, drinking afternoon tea and walking at Thames – things that seemed fascinated in the English language textbook or in TV-shows. And I did end up living in London for two years.

If you imagine that an event is an ensemble, what instrument are you playing?

I have a guitar at home in the corner of my bedroom, which I have not played for a while and to be honest I am not too good at it. Unfortunately, I don’t have a musical ear or talent; so probably it would be best for me to not play an instrument. If I would have to, I would love to be a composer and bring forward talent in others and oversee how different voices come together to form a harmony.

If you could be invisible, where would you go? 

It would be interesting to take part of high-level meetings between world leaders.

If you could have a supernatural ability, what would it be?

I would like to fly and get easily from one place to another and one from continent to another.

What three things would you take with you to an uninhabited island?

A book, fire matches and some seeds to grow.

What is your temperament type?

It very much depends on a situation and people I interact with, but I think I am rather a mix of different temperament types, but I tend to be independent, decisive, analytical.

What is the best, most valuable advice you have been given?

You learn from making mistakes, people who are afraid to make mistakes don’t learn and grow. The biggest value comes from reflecting the situation which did not turn out as hoped and analyzing what could have been done differently.

Which website do you open very first thing in the morning?

Probably my Inbox and/or some social media account.

What are the main changes that have occurred in the views about the industry over the past 5 years?

I would say, firstly, the biggest change has been digital transformation in both events management and marketing in general and moving from traditional to revenue marketing. Secondly, cloud business applications enable us to evaluate and map customer journey much more effectively and not see it as a journey with a beginning and end, but as a journey with hundreds of touch points which we as marketers can make the best use of to target customers based on their specific needs.  In a way marketing is easier than it used to be as we have more data and even machine learning to help us to make smart decisions, on the other hand we are competing against the abundance of information and it is harder than ever to be visible and bring additional value.

Why is it important for you to be at the Baltic For Events?

A quote from Seth Codin from his book “Tribes” summarizes it quite well: “People like us do things this”. Baltic for Events brings together industry experts and therefore gives a platform to learn from the best marketers, who are passionate about events management. Baltic for Events also gives a good ground to share ideas and network. 

What you will talk about and why?

I’ll take part from the “Live Talk” so I am not sure what I will be asked. 😊


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