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Baltic For Events Forum is the largest event bringing together event experts, customers and sponsors  from all over the Baltic Sea region, including: Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


The forum is visited annually by 300 influential market players.

In 2018, the forum will be held April 19-20 in Tallinn.

Baltic For Events 2018 is dedicated to the experience of organizing various types of events. The first day of the forum is provisionally divided into 2 blocks - Festivals & Cultural events and Corporate & Business events.

Each of the participants of the first day presents their project with a focus on a topic that has influenced brand development. So, the Positivus Festival talks about the current trends in sponsorship, Pori Jazz on the promotion of major B2C events, and Cirque du Soleil on the latest trends in the organization of modern shows.


The block of corporate and business events opens with Colja Dams - legend of the European event industry and titan of the modern market. The history of the agency VOK Dams began several decades ago and has 15 branches around the world. The new era of hybrid events and outdated campaigns will be told by the CEO of VOK Dams - Colja Dams.


Do you need speakers for business events? Or is it more important to moderate the audience? An unprecedented experiment with the participants of the forum will be held by JANNE BJORGE - founder of the largest Scandinavian event company Nine Yards.


The first day of the forum will close with 6 sessions from various countries of the Baltic region. Each session is devoted to topical problems and ways to solve them according to each country: ROI, Digitalization, various new formats for B2B and B2C events, Audience VS Clients and many other topics will be represented through the prism of experience and new ways of thinking in different countries.

The second day is traditionally devoted to customers and innovations.

As clients, in the TED format, 3 Event Directors in Europe and Asia - Electrolux, Siemens and Ericsson - will present, and 2 sessions will be held by Baltic directors (SEB, Microsoft) and Scandinavia (Absolut, Audi).


The second day of the forum will finish with a special block - Event Service Festival, where contractors and innovators in their fields of the industry will present their latest developments and proposals to the organizers.


Baltic For Events 2018 provides unique content where every theory is backed by practice. This is the only event that gives a complete picture of what is happening in the global market and offers effective answers. It is an entirely unique experience for event practitioners.


Learn more: www.balticforevents.com


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