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All big events start with communication

The moment has come.  Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania understand the need to search for partners and the importance of interregional communication. After all, thinking beyond national borders means sensitively responding to the new opportunities that the industry of event organization offers. In addition, how interesting and unique can projects be if not appearing through the intercultural maxim, in countries with highly developed infrastructure, capable of hosting the largest European delegations!

Baltic For Events Forum took place in Tallinn on May 11-12 and gathered 200 industry professionals under one roof. The forum was attended by 120 different agencies from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Russia.

The international block was represented by famous and major agencies like Jack Morton, Filmmaster, ACT Lighting Design, and Sila Sveta. This was the inspiration that the Baltic countries need so much. "We do it this way, and you can do it even better and it's not only about the budget, but about understanding your audience and your client," said the leaders of the largest event-agencies of the world.

The ensuing block of Baltic event-agencies had real passion. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania spoke about extremely important and, as it turned out, common problems and their possible solutions. An incredible number of questions, conversations, acquaintances and plans for general cooperation were born just after this session.

Right now, when an increasing number of large international event-customers come to the Baltic countries, the issue of cooperation between Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia becomes especially relevant.

At the moment, we are aware of 5 new contracts signed at the event. And this is only the beginning.

The second day was dedicated to clients: client's point of view, expectations and, of course, rules for organizing tenders. Among the representatives of customers in the forum were: Google, Luxoft, Red Bull, Swedbank, Telia, Tallink.

The client session raised such important issues as:

  • -- How to get an invitation to tender
  • -- What to do with pre and post payment
  • -- How to communicate with the customer correctly

Absolutely different client companies gave their answers, thoughts and reasoned together with agencies.

#BFEF has created a unique platform for new communication, projects and ideas. This forum helped to establish a dialogue between very different and, in their own way, unique countries. This is the only platform in the region for new ideas, new partnerships and new beginnings.

Bfef organizers have already conceived another program, speakers and new communications!

It's only the beginning!


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