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Catering from A to Z

New book "Catering from A to Z" by Cyrill Pogodin is worth to read.

Catering can be a difficult and complicated industry to navigate. Often, there are no standardized procedures or documentation that give a business a strong foundation.


Cyrill Pogodin, an internationally acclaimed catering consultant, noticed the same mistakes kept surfacing in different catering companies. He realized the source of the problem is often management being so focused on the next event that they lose sight of the bigger picture.


Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced caterer, Pogodin’s guide will show you how to keep your long-term goals in mind and teach you how to do the following:

  • -- understand the structure of traditional catering companies
  • -- identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • -- create support documentation to promote service standards
  • -- develop a quality-control system
  • -- promote your company
  • -- organize testing events
  • -- plan a unique menu
  • -- purchase equipment
  • -- work with a personnel database to organize hourly employees
  • -- cater large-scale events


"Partly I took materials for English book from previously released books in Russian, from my authorial seminars and 
акщь CateringConsulting.ru content, of course, - says Kirill Pogodin. - But the most important information we've gathered in thirteen traineeships that Catering Consulting has conducted from 2012 to 2017 (more details @ kirillpogodin.ru). During these trips we visited more than 100 catering companies all around the world and got closely acquainted with the development of the global catering market. And of course the experience of these trips allowed us to tailor the content for a European audience.

It's a pitty that our industry is not too pampered with professional books and publications. Even in English books about catering are very few: diring recent years only 15-20 specialized issues had been released. On a world scale that's certainly not much. So when I got a proposal from my American colleagues, I just couldn't refuse. The work was arranged very professionally and technologically, it is necessary to note the high level of translators and an independent editor Karen Heckler, who has done a tremendous job. It took us 11 months to prepare a book. And fundamentally the English version had to consider some legal nuances in the work of catering, which are still irrelevant in Russia. That's why this information may be interesting to the readers in Baltic Region which is much more "European" in this context. But I think that for the Russian-speaking readers we generate enough content about catering (for example, I would recommend such a resource as 4catering.ru)".

Kirill Pogodin’s advice will give you the tools to build a stable and successful business that your clients can consistently count on. That's what world famous catering guru think about his book:

“I share the passion for the excellence reflected in this detailed work and very much look forward to continuing our association and relationship with Cyrill. Mustard Catering, as part of The Kofler Group of companies, is set for the next era by crossing international boundaries and supporting like-minded professionals.”

James Hurworth, Managing Director

Mustard Catering Limited, London, UK”


“I have been looking forward to this book for a long time. This thorough how-to guide is a gift to both newcomers and experienced caterers alike”

Miccal Cummins, Director,

Gastronomy, Sydney, AUSTRALIA


“Cyrill Pogodin is a great resource for understanding the highly complex and competitive catering trade. His book provides an enormous amount of insight on the various business and creative components crucial to developing a successful catering company. Cyrill's experience working with caterers all over the world provides a unique perspective not available elsewhere, which is key to success in this global industry.”

Carl Sacks, Executive Director

Leading Caterers of America, USA


“Mr.Cyrill Pogodin is an irreplaceable asset to the entire catering industry across the globe. His book is the Bible, it is your "go to" manual for the immensely complicated world of catering. His book is the fog horn to your drifting ship, guiding you though your toughest hurdles.”

Akihiro Murata, Director,

Citabria Catering, Tokyo, JAPAN


“I recommend the book for anyone interested in the catering business.

For novice or experienced caterers or restauranteurs interested in learning about the catering business the book will provide invaluable insights and information that will allow the reader to grow or improve their catering business.”

Paul Neuman, President,

Neuman’s Kitchen, New York, USA


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