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Liudas Rimkus: "We’re about long term partnership"

Liudas Rimkus, head of marketing of SEB Bank, will be glad to answer your questions at BFEF. Bu, unfortunately, only virtually. Here are some abstracts from his secret video (only for BFEF participants!) so you could understand what interesting information is waiting for you in Tallinn May, 11-12.



- What formats of events SEB Bank use for different purposes and for reaching different audience?

In terms of audiences we havt two types of events basically. Most of our events are for our loyal customers so we’re enhancing customer loyalty. Other ones are for prospecting new customers and trying to get a dialogue with them pushing to become our future customers.

- How do you choose your event partners?

We’re having procurement procedures every three years. We’re doing the pitch every three years. We believe that long-lasting relationship with the agencies is essential. So, therefore we’re doing the pitch for, as I mentioned, quite a long period. And to make sure that we have a consistency, to make sure that we have a continuity, and by selecting our strategic event agency we try to maintain that relationship and try to work as long as we see it mutually beneficial.

- Do you hold many tender procedures? Are they devoted to every project or only to huge ones?

So, as I said, for different purposes we’re picking different agencies when it comes to events. We have an event agency picked for… You know, our tender is at least for a three year period but we’re working with our existing agency for already more than six years. And it ensures long term cooperation, long term strategy and I guess it’s quite beneficial for the brand and for the agency to work much more than one or two years. Because it takes some time to really get understand each other and to feel the brand of the customer. So, I think we’re much more into long term partnership than short term incentives.

- What do you think is the most important in modern events?

I think all of the events should represent brand values. This is not a rocket science. I think if the event does not represent the look and feel of the brand this is no use to do such an event. So, that’s kind of a hygiene factor I should say. But if you ask what is main criteria for us evaluating the event I think this is the content. I think content is the king in all of the senses. So, if our partners and customers are leaving the event with the feeling that they have found something new, that we have enriched them with the knowledge, with an expertise, if they are leaving after this event smarter, with some of the new ideas and new people that they met, I think this is that mostly creates values for our partners and customers.


More details about SEB Bank events, values, cases, experience with events and agencies you'll find out at Baltic For Events Forum. Hope you'll be "leaving after this event smarter, with some of the new ideas and new people", as Liudas said.


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